Argo TransService

Über die Firma

Transport, Spedition, Logistik
Gegründet 2006
von 1 bis 10 mitarbeiter


Russia 115563, Moscow, Kashirskoe shosse,61,str.3a, of.6-7a

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The basic structure of the company are transportations by railway transportation, and also sea, automobile and aviation.

At will of customers our company renders services on customs clearing cargoes .

The most advanced directions are:

- Delivery of cargoes from China, and the countries of Southeast Asia on a condition "Door-door";

- Customs clearing of cargoes in ports of the Far East, St.-Petersburg;

Logistical services:

- Development and construction of schemes(plans) of delivery of cargoes;

- Minimization of transport charges;

- Optimization and minimization of terms of delivery;

- Creation of complex system of mutual relations between participants of process of the transportation allowing as much as possible to minimize force-majeur and other non-standard situation and to protect thus the Customers from participation in the decision of problem situations;

- Construction of complex transport and financial schemes(plans) of delivery (including non-standard), allowing to provide delivery from a door up to a door.

At us contracts on rail transportation on export, import and transit on territories of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kirghizia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova and the contract on transportations on Baltic republics are concluded: Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, and also to the countries of the Europe: Poland, Germany, Hungary, Czechia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Asia: China, Mongolia.Besides other, we have contracts on in-Russian transportations with all roads of Russia and we can pay rail transportation through Local railway Administrations .

Except for that ,we have direct contracts on shiping in the Russian ports - St.-Petersburg, Arkhangelsk, Murmansk, Kaliningrad, Yeysk, Novorossisk, Tuapse, Astrakhan, port Olya (Caspian sea), ports of the Far East - Vladivostok, East, Vanino, and also in ports of the CIS countries: Georgia-Batumi, Poti, Ukraine - Odessa, Ilyichevsk, Latvia–Riga,Ventspils, Estonia-Tallin, Muuga, Мaardu. Thus, our company is ready to develop by your inquiries optimum overland and sea routes on transportation of your production as through overland borders, so through ports of Russia and the CIS countries up to the end user on conditions "Door-door". Thus cost of these routes can be more attractive in comparison with already existing.