BMTI Technik & Informations GmbH

Über die Firma

Gegründet 1981
von 10 bis 50 mitarbeiter


Germany 14197, Berlin, Triberger Strasse 9

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BMTI—daily and independent—and its research experts supply a high quality information service for the international dry bulk shipping industry including DAILY FIXTURE REPORTS, SHORT SEA REPORTS, MARKET REPORTS and special RESEARCH STUDIES. BMTI’s reports and studies, published in English, provide unbiased professional analyses of the important trend-indicating developments in the international dry bulk shipping markets—clearly, accurately and concisely !


BMTI предоставляет Сухие отчеты рынке грузовых - Европейский ShortSea, как и во всем мире DeepSea и, кроме специальных Studies рынке доставки мира