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Since 1998, EBERL Trocknungsanlagen GmbH has produced the patented V-Premium energy saving drying kilns with heat pump. Since then, the company has evolved into the market leader in the field of vacuum wood drying in the German speaking world. V-Premiums require neither heat nor water connections. If a heating system is available, we would suggest our V-Comfort without heat pump.

Both systems have a stack room capacity ranging from 12 to 100 m³ and show some considerable advantages. The V-Basic model ranging from 1,5 and 20m³ was designed for being able to dry small amounts of wood quickly and cost-effectively.

Another energy saving drying kiln for wood is the cost-effective Air-Classic drying container with fresh air/exhaust-air system which can also be used for heat treatment of packaging wood.

We also have bulk dryers, special machines and post-curing systems for silicone in our product range.


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