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Sonstige Erzeugnisse aus Holz
Gegründet 2009
von 10 bis 50 mitarbeiter


Russia 142100, Moscow, Dmitrovskoe shosse, 49/2

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We make and sell by the gross: charcoal birch for shish kebabs, packing 3, 5, 10кг, fuel briquettes RUF, Pini Kay (eurofire wood) from wood sawdust - pressed under a high pressure, fuel пеллеты (wood granules). Briquettes are packed into a thermoshrinkable film or packs on 10 kg and 20 kg are laid by numbers in полипропиленовые bags. Wood briquettes and пеллеты possess unique properties: high duration of burning and decay. One ton of fuel briquettes actually replaces 4 м3 usual fire wood. Non-polluting fuel, is ideal for heating of private houses, industrial premises. It is applied in furnaces, fireplaces, boiler. Delivery across Moscow and regions. Phone in Moscow: +7(964) 719-71-06, http://toplivo-briket.ucoz.ru/