Ilim Timber

Platinum Mitglied 4 Jahren
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Sovetnikov Aleksander


Gehobelte Holz
Nadelholz -Sägewerke, Sperrholz


Russia 197022
Sankt-Peterburg, North-West, Aptekarskaya nab., d.20, lit.A


Handys+7 812 3327227
Fax+7 812 3327375

Anzahl der Mitarbeiter
von 100 bis 200 mitarbeiter

Ilim Timber Industry is a leading Russian producer of the softwood sawn timber, softwood plywood, hardboard.

The company has been founded in 2007 and has consolidated wood-processing assets which were formerly a part of the largest Russian pulp and paper corporation Ilim Pulp. The new company comprised Ilim Pulp assets, not included in joint venture with International Paper: IlimSeverDrev (Korjazhma, Arkhangelsk region), Ilim Bratsk Wood Processing Mill and Ilim Bratsk Saw and Wood Processing Mill (Bratsk, Irkutsk region), Ust-Ilimsk Timber Processing Plant (Ust-Ilimsk, Irkutsk region).

Ilim Timber Industry produces over 520 thous. m3 of the market sawn timber, more than 145 thous. m3 of plywood and 45 mln m2 of fiberboard per year. Over half of the raw wood received by the enterprises of Ilim Timber Industry is certificated according to the international standards.


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  • Rundholz, Schnittholz, Furnier
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