Intertrade Dynamics SA

Über die Firma

Gegründet 2012
von 1 bis 10 mitarbeiter


Switzerland 1180, Rolle, Z.A. La Pièce 1

Mehr Informationen

Intertrade Dynamics is a Swiss firm that helps position businesses for profitable growth in the global market. Our clients are exporters, importers, and service providers the world over, and we place particular emphasis on commodities and emerging markets. Intertrade Dynamics’ services allow clients to:

- Develop global trading operations, cut out intermediaries, and increase profitability of international business

- Improve global competitiveness and grow international sales

- Access the global financial market, reduce financing costs, and open up new corporate financing opportunities

The mainstay of our activities is management consulting and training in all areas of global commerce, but we also offer clients a readymade trading facility for the global sourcing and distribution of certain commodity products. A combination of these services keeps us abreast of the latest developments in international business and offers clients an opportunity to launch global trading operations fast, with no risk, and at minimal cost.

Please refer to our internet site for more information. We will be happy to answer any questions and mail you our corporate presentation.