Über die Firma

Mieter/Eigentümer von Waldflächen
Gegründet 1965
von 50 bis 100 mitarbeiter


Russia 185035, Karelian republic, Petrozavodsk, ul.Andropova, d.2

Mehr Informationen

Open Joint Stock Company "Timber Holding Company" Karellesprom "has a long history, is widely known in Russia, Europe and the world.

Historically, the major sectors of economic activity of JSC «Timber Holding Company" Karellesprom "are timber market and services of forestry enterprises of the Republic of Karelia. It should be noted that the timber industry is the leading economy of the Republic of Karelia. Timber industry enterprises in recent years provide a stable commodity output of about 50% of the total industrial output of the country.

LHK Karellesprom of providing services: implementation, procurement and forest management.


Given the many years of experience "Karellesprom" enter into contracts for the supply of forest products commission on foreign and domestic markets. "Karellesprom" - a reliable partner for the export of forest products.

The main markets are:

Logs of the Scandinavian countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland).

Logs: France, Germany, England.

Contact phone: (7-8142) 78-25-40, (7-8142) 76-60-20


Holding company "Karellesprom" delivers fuel, equipment, automobile, tractor and other equipment for the logging companies.

Phone: (7-8142) 78-55-33

Forest management

Assist in the coordination of the volume and structure of forest resources allocated to ensure the projected production, strengthening of forest areas in the long-term use, summarizing the experience and advice in the use of modern technological processes.

Contact phone: (7-8142) 78-43-34, (7-8142) 78-05-78

In addition, "Karellesprom" regularly organizes conferences, seminars, workshops and exhibitions on topical issues related to the forestry industry. We will help you in organizing and conducting.

Phone: (7-8142) 76-00-28