SFT Group

Über die Firma

Gegründet 2005
von 1000 bis 5000 mitarbeiter
Mitglied von Russian Association of Pulp & Paper Organizations and Enterprises, Liga pererabotchikov makulaturi


Russia 121069, Moscow, Trubnikovsky per., d.13, str.1

Mehr Informationen

Group SFT Group - Russia's only vertically integrated producer of corrugated cardboard. Incorporates companies that provide collection and initial processing of waste paper raw material for the production of corrugated cardboard production Gofrolist, manufacture of corrugated packaging, developed distribution network.

The structure of SFT Group includes the following companies: JSC "Kamensky BKF" (Tver region., Kuvshinovo), JSC "Aleksinskaya BKF" (Tula region., Alexin), JSC "Kartontara" (Republic of Adygea, Maikop) , JSC "Famadar Carton Limited" (Rostov region., Taganrog), LLC "YUVI St. Petersburg" (Saint-Petersburg), "Eco Bridge" (Moscow) Ltd. "Umka-M" (city Moscow), "TransLeasingCom" (Irkutsk).

The management company SFT Group - JSC "SFT management" (Moscow).