Sibirsky cedar

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Gegründet 2006
von 1 bis 10 mitarbeiter


Russia 660000, Krasnoyarsk region, Krasnoyarsk, 1 Krutogorskaya st. bl. 6

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"The Siberian cedar" - wholesale deliveries of perfect coniferous plants in any region of Russia and abroad.

Perfect saplings of a cedar Siberian, fur-trees and larches, and as an exclusive landing material – 3-4-5-метровые trees of a cedar of 25 years. A separate profile of our company - large wholesale deliveries seedling of coniferous Siberian breeds (a pine, a fur-tree, a larch, a cedar Siberian) in any point of Russia and the near abroad.

Carefully we send any parties in any point of Russia, with delivery directly to a landing place. The landing material passes the strict selection, each plant passes the sanitary control, each party of a landing material is accompanied quarantine (or fytosanitory, in case of the international deliveries) by the certificate.

We offer only the best сеянцы and saplings of a pine, a cedar, a fur-tree and a larch. All parties of coniferous plants are dug out with observance of technology and delivered in the container providing the best safety of plants at transportation during long term (containers, boxes).