UAB Inchtone

Your partner in timber trade & bio fuel.
Kopf des Unternehmens

Dharmendar Kumar


Laubholzsägewerken, Nadelholz -Sägewerke, Gehobelte Holz, Produktion von Energie aus Biokraftstoffen, Paletten, Behälter, Kästen, Pakete, Kisten, Verpackungen für Lebensmittel, Großhandel, DIY oder Einzelhandel, Agenten, Makler, Händler, Exporteure, Importeure


Lithuania LT-01108
Vilnyus, J. Savickio gatbve 4, Vilnius Lithuania

2 400 000 EUR (Euro)
Anzahl der Mitarbeiter
von 1 bis 10 mitarbeiter
Volumen der Käufe pro Jahr
24 000 thousand cubic meters

UAB inchtone was incorporated in the first quarter of 2012 and since than has rapidly gain reputation in timber trading market across Eurasian Region, During this tenure we have not only able to build strategic relationship over 100 sawmills & timber producing companies across Europe but we are able to acquire Marketing & Sales rights for one of the largest and prominent timber manufacturing companies in European Region. Our business partner in Canada & North America is another strategic vision towards our growth and consistency.

We mainly focus and manage buyers portfolio in Middle east/Africa & South & East Asia to facilitate trade with respect to timber products mainly for construction and furniture industry. We are gradually working forward to expand our sales market in Deutschland,Scandinavian & United Kingdom.

We are always looking for business partners in our objective markets.

Sales office :

Inchtone Holz Middle east FZE

Ajman Freezone, Ajman

United Arab Emirates.