Volosovo Timber Company

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Gehobelte Holz
Gegründet 2002
von 50 bis 100 mitarbeiter


Russia 188410, Leningrad region, Volosovo, ul. Veteranov 62 b

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Rundholz, Schnittholz, Furnier


Balken, Dielen, Pfosten
Imprägniertes Holz
Kreuzlagenholz (CLT)

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The Closed joint-stock company "INOK" is registered in 1994 and was engaged in export of round forest products, and in 2001, has expanded the activity, having begun realisation to foreign partners of saw-timbers and is one of the largest suppliers of forest products in Northwest region of Russia.

In 2002 the Closed Joint-Stock Company "INOK" has made the decision of opening of own manufacture and has founded a society with limited liability "Volosovsky VTC". In 2004 opening of the "Volosovsky VTC" by capacity 120 000 cubic m of saw-timbers has taken place. From the moment of start of own manufacture of Joint-Stock Company "INOK" carries out export of the processed forest products.

For today activity principal views are - manufacture and sale of saw-timbers.

As a principal view of the commodity output received at processing of wood on the manufacture of the enterprise, saw-timbers and technological chip (raw materials for a pulp and paper industry) act.

For today Joint-Stock Company "INOK" a quickly developing the enterprise and plans to carry out further deeper processings of forest products from production for the furniture industry and housing construction.

For years of work, company "INOK" has found close contacts to many large suppliers in various regions of Russia and consumers of timber processing's production in Russia and abroad. We will be glad to cooperation with you and we hope for fruitful and successful work.