Pressemitteilungen von Holzbearbeitungsmaschinen Unternehmen

April 23, 2015

Norvik Shipping, arm of Norvik Timber Industries, has acquired the port of Baltic Wharf located in Rochford

Norvik Shipping, the UK logistics arm of Norvik Timber Industries, has acquired the port of Baltic Wharf located in Rochford. Baltic Distribution Ltd has been operating and renting the port since 1999. “The acquisition of the port is a strategic decision for us to develop our UK logistics business and it allows us to plan and implement long term investments in the port”, say...
April 14, 2015

PP plastic plywood improves performace of normal film faced plywood

The PP plastic plywood improves performance of normal film faced plywood. From feedback on site, it’s reused 30 times at least,if it’s used in metal formwork as panel, it plus 150 times at least. Besides, it’s quick dismantling without concrete release agent and supply a nice concrete finish without rework.
April 28, 2014

MoveRoll to launch revolutionary Kicker

In two years of intense development work, we rethought and challenged the way how conventional hydraulic and pneumatic Kickers work: The result is our patented MoveRoll® Kicker. Curious to find out what makes the highly anticipated MoveRoll® Kicker superior to traditional Kickers? We will reveal the distinguishing features of MoveRoll® Kicker during the North-American produc...
Januar 22, 2014

Revolution in the paper industry

Based in Finland with operations worldwide, MoveRoll Oy has invented a unique way to convey paper rolls. This new roll handling solution has dramatically changed the level of safety and energy consumption in paper mills says Mikko Rantanen, MoveRoll's CEO. "Our patented pressure conveying system is well-tested and industry approved. Measurements have shown that, compared to tra...
November 28, 2013

Lesnaya Industriya Russian timber trade magazine to implement Info-360 concept at Lesdrevmash exhibition in Russia

The leading Russian timber trade magazine Lesnaya Industriya and Expocentre, organizer of the 15th International exhibition Lesdrevmash 2014, starts information cooperation at exhibition, which will be held in Moscow on October 20 - 23, 2014. Info-360 concept involves informing largest audience on preparing for an exhibition and key events during it. Lesnaya Industriya will ...
Mai 14, 2013

New alliance signed between Dieffenbacher and HOLTEC

Dieffenbacher, a manufacturer of plants for the wood based panel industry, has decided to form an alliance with HOLTEC for the wood yard technology. This new strategic alliance will be named “Logyard Alliance”. With this step Dieffenbacher extends its product portfolio and offers now complete system solutions for the wood based panel industry from the log to the board. HOLTEC...
März 12, 2013

Increase of system's availability

The existing log yard for big diameter logs at ELKA-Holzwerke, Morbach has been delivered basically in 1981. Over the years several components were renewed. The latest measure was the installation of a 3D-measurement. For this the measuring line had to be modified to a continuous, calibratable chain conveyor. Furthermore HOLTEC updated the control and power electrics for the de...
Februar 26, 2013

10 latest woodchippers will be displayed in operation by ZAO Cominvest-AKMT at the show Interles: Karelia 2013 (June 25–27, 2013, Petrozavodsk)

ZAO Cominvest-AKMT plans to demonstrate 10 latest woodchipper designs in actual use at the show INTERLES: Karelia. ZAO Cominvest-AKMT has been in the market of special machinery since 1992. The company has all the necessary resources to implement semi knocked down assembly of specialized machines: design department, assembly shops, and own production facilities in Russia and t...
Februar 26, 2013

Head of the Federal Forestry Agency conducted first meeting of Organizing Committee of the exhibition Interles: Karelia-2013 in Petrozavodsk

Victor Maslyakov: "We need completely different labor efficiency and completely different product quality" Russian forestry needs different labor efficiency and different quality of products. Victor Maslyakov, Head of the Federal Forestry Agency said this when speaking at the first meeting of Organizing Committee of the 14th exhibition Interles: Karelia-2013, held February 18 ...
Februar 26, 2013

Meeting of Organizing Committee of the exhibition of logging equipment Interles: Karelia 2013 (June 25–27, 2013) was held in Petrozavodsk

More than 50 companies have already expressed their intention to participate in the international specialized exhibition Interles: Karelia to be held June 25-27 in Petrozavodsk. Logging and road construction machinery, fire-fighting equipment and vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, wood waste disposal equipment, transportation equipment, hydraulic manipulators and loaders, mo...