Lesprom Marketplace Terms of Use

These 'Lesprom Marketplace Terms of Use' (hereinafter referred to as the 'Terms') are the addition to the License agreement and determine the conditions of publication of information by Licensees on Lesprom Marketplace according to Clause 9 of the License agreement – 'Additional functionality of Professional network'.

1. Terms of registration an organization in the Global Suppliers Directory on Lesprom Network

The organization can be registered in the Global Suppliers Directory (hereinafter referred to as the 'Directory') only once, registration of duplicate records of the organization is not allowed. Before registering of a new organization, you should check its availability in the Directory. This can be done by searching in the Directory as well as at initial stage of registration of the new organization.If the Directory already contains an organization with the same name, to register a new organization, you should add after organization's name its location in the 'Name' field during the registration (for example - Advanced Lumber Company, Wadley). Thus, the uniqueness of the name of the organization in the Directory will be ensured.

1.1. Name of organization

1.1.1. The name should be specified in lowercase letters, only first letter of each word can be capitalized (for example - Lumber Trade Partners).

1.1.2. The legal form of the organization should not be indicated in the Name field, the exception is the legal form of the Sole Proprietorship.

1.1.3. Sole Proprietor should specify the name in the following order: Full Name, SP (for example - John Smith, SP).

1.1.4. When registering branches and representative offices, it should be indicated in the name in the following order: Name of the parent organization, Location of the branch (for example - Jason Group, Connecticut).

1.1.5. The name of the organization should correspond to its legal name in the registration documents. It is prohibited to include in the name of the organization the products or services it sells, except when it is part of the legal name of the organization.

1.1.6. If you need to make changes to the name of an organization already registered in the Directory, you should send a request to the Lesprom Network Support Service. You will be asked to confirm your right to change the name of this organization if you are not a person who registered this organization in the Directory.

1.2. Main and additional activities

1.2.1. This information makes it easier to search for your company in the Directory.

1.3. Number of employees

1.3.1. The availability of this information on the company reduces the number of ineffective contacts and increases the effectiveness of trade negotiations.

1.4. Organization contacts

1.4.1. Contact details allow potential clients to contact company representatives. Lesprom Network provides the opportunity to separately register personal accounts of the managers of the organization with their personal contacts details. We recommend specifying the contacts for general questions as the organization's contact details, such as reception desk or telephone operator.

1.4.2. It is not allowed to specify the country, region or city in the field 'Street, House, Building, Office Number'. These data are entered at the first step of the registration form.

1.5. The trading profile of organization

1.5.1. The trading profile defines the types of goods that the organization usually buys or sells. After filling out the trade profile, you will be able to receive notifications about new counter-offers for the purchase or sale of goods on Lesprom Network. We recommend that you carefully fill out the trade profile right at the time of registration and regularly maintain its relevance.

1.6. Work experience in organization

1.6.1. Please enter your position and choose from a list of your specialization in the organization. In the 'Description' field please add additional information about your work, revealing the features of your activity or your professional achievements in the organization.

1.6.2. You can register the organization in the Directory, even if you no longer working there. However if in the section 'Work period' you will indicate that you are no longer working in the organization, you will not get access to changing information about the organization after its registration.And in this case, information about you will be located in the list of those who stopped working in the organization.

1.7. Completion of registration in Directory

1.7.1. After the completion of the registration wizard, the registration data is submitted for review by moderators. The organization will be registered and will appear in the Directory after the data review is complete. On completion of registration, you will be sent a message to your personal email address specified during registration. We aim to register a new organization in the catalog as soon as possible, but due to a large number of new applications, it takes some time, but not more than 24 hours.

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