About company

Planing mill
Founded 2010
from 50 to 100 employees


Ukraine 4074, Kiev, Vozdvizhenka str. 20A

More information

Processing company «BIOMASS» producer will realize a pallet planks (treated board, squared beam, bar) on export and internal market of Ukraine.

Basic raw material: a birch (for a production a pine-tree, aspen, alder, is also Humidity of raw material: freshcut

Size of purveyances: thickness: from 6mm; width: to 200mm; length: to 4000 mm. is possible production of purveyance in obedience to the specification of a customer.

Additionally: On call of buyer, the prepared products can be treated by antiseptics. For more details and discussion of suggestion from the side of customer presentation of specification is more needed.

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