Dayals Sawmillers Liited

About company

Hardwood sawmills
from 200 to 500 employees


Fiji 1121, Ba, 1 Kings Road, Yalalevu

Trade profile

We sell

Moldings, Carpentry, Wooden houses

Solid wood components

Finger-joined components
Glued components
Glued window scantlings
Glued door scantlings
Bent wood components
Furniture components
Kitchen doors
Kitchen components
Table tops, worktops
Chair, seat components
Table legs
Finished drawers
Components for drawers
Door components
Stair treads
Bed slats
Perforated panels, acoustic panels

Profiled timber, moldings

Facade board
Terrace board
Tongue & Groove Paneling
D Log Siding
Door casings
Profiled scantlings

Composite wood products

Floor underlayment
Home decking
Anti-slip decking
Exterior cladding
Interior wall panelling
Door casings
Door jambs, trim, scantlings
Door core
Door skin panels
Window scantlings
Window elements
Stair treads
Furniture components
Kitchen elements
Chair, seat components
Perforated panels, acoustic panels
Honeycomb core

Joinery product

Window shutters

Wood house

Timber frame house
Rounded log house
Square milled log house
Structural panel house
Garden Cabins
Garag, carport

Flooring and Exterior Decking

Solid wood flooring

Tongue & groove flooring, parquet
Solid wood flooring S4S

Multilayer flooring

1 strip flooring
3 strip flooring
Wear layer for multilayer parquet

Laminate flooring

Laminated flooring

Exterior decking

Anti-slip decking

Furniture and Garden wood products

Garden products

Round Stick
Garden wood tile
Pergola, arbour
Flower pots, planters
Children garden games
Fences, screens
Swimming pools
Dog house
Garden bridges
Garden borders, edgings

More information

We produce high quality Genuine Mahogany (Swietenia Macrophylla) from renewable plantations and native hardwood species primarily aimed for export markets. We have established long term markets of our finished products in form of rough sawn and machined end use products, such as decking and flooring to United States of America, United Kingdom, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Jamaica, Australia, New Zealand, Cook Islands, New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Malaysia, Spain, Puerto Rico, Israel and Japan.

Dayals enjoy a strong reputation for its quality products and services in the timber industry across the globe.

We capitalize on highly trained and skilled personnel to produce the best quality that you needed.

We are winner of the 2007, 2008, 2011, 2013 and 2014 Prime Ministers Forestry Exporter of the Year Awards.

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