Derevyanniy Dom Ukraina

About company

Pallet manufacturers
from 50 to 100 employees


Ukraine 81000, Lvov Region, Lvov, Promishlennaya 1

Trade profile

We sell

Logs, lumber, veneer

Pallet, packaging timber

Pallets, packaging
Euro Pallets (EPAL)
US Standard Pallets
Chemical Pallets (CP)
Special use Pallets
One-way Pallet
Pallets for food
Half pallets
Box pallets
Pallet collars
Presswood pallets
Pallet lids
Crates, boxes, wooden package
Wine boxes
Wine barrels
Cable reels

Finished products

Wood house

Timber frame house
Rounded log house
Square milled log house
Structural panel house
Garden Cabins
Garag, carport
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