Pol-Kres EdWood

About company

Hardwood sawmills
Founded 1999
from 100 to 200 employees


Poland 21, Biala Podlaska, ul. Łomaska 86

Trade profile

We sell

Sawn and Sructural Timber

Hardwood Lumber

Lumber, Sawnwood
Framing lumber

Moldings, Carpentry, Wooden houses

Solid wood components

Glued components
Stair treads

Joinery product


Pellets, Firewood, Wood residues

Pellets, briquets, charcoal

Wood pellets

Wooden panels, Veneer

Solid Wood Panels

1 Ply Solid Wood Panels

More information

Pol-Kres Edwood is a family owned company which specializes in oak processing. We were founded in 1999. Nowadays we are one of the leading manufacturers of oak edge glued panels in Europe. Our main products are finger jointed and solid long lamella panels. Our customers know us as a young, dynamically developing company. We are constantly investing in expansion of our facilities, the modernization of our technological lines and the continuous improvement of our production processes. This results in the raising of the standards of our products. Our definite advantage is the ability to offer a complex production process, coupled with short, reliable delivery dates. Development in human resources is a huge matter for us, we aim to take care of our natural environment and involve ourselves in the social responsibility in running business. The result being our own recipe for success, which is a high quality of product for a reasonable price. We are constantly expanding our markets (we are already supplying 85% of European clients) and extending our range of products, which nowadays includes: kitchen worktops, stair components (treads, risers, posts, spindles, hand rails), furniture components (table tops and table legs, cut to size elements), curvilinear elements (chair legs, the sides of the bed) as well as oak pellets. Our main customers are some of the leading distributors, producers of furniture and stair manufacturers in Europe. We also supply to the DIY warehouses and trade. All of our round timber comes from Polish forests, where we are confident the correct forest management is applied.

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