Head of the Company

Kocman Vojmir


Woodworking machinery and equipment manufacturers


Italy 34151
Villa Opicina, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Via Nazionale, 47/1

Number of Employees
from 50 to 100 employees

Koimpex S.r.l. is one of leading companies which presents Italian woodworking machines and tools for furniture and woodworking manufacturers in Russia.

Koimpex assures to every customer guarantee and post-guarantee service of the delivered machinery.

Moreover, we are doing sharpening and repair for all types of tools (HS-HW-DIA) - the service center Koservis.


  • Woodworking machines and tools
    • Woodworking machinery and equipment
      • Saws
        • Board edgers
        • Circular saws
        • Multiple-blade circular saws
        • Vertical frame saws
        • Horizontal frame saws
        • Slab cutting saws
      • Woodworking machines
        • Wood disintegrators
        • Glue spreaders
        • Universal combined woodworking machines
        • Slab and board resawing machines
        • Band saws
        • Profile wrapping machines
        • Postforming machines
        • Cross-cut saws
        • Optimizing cross-cut saws
          • Automatic cut-off saws
          • High speed optimizing saws
          • Pusher optimizing saws
        • Parquet production lines
        • Planing thicknessing machines
        • Surface planers
        • Planer thicknessers
          • Single sided planers
          • Double sided planers
        • Mortising and boring machines
        • Finger jointing lines
          • Automatic finger jointing lines
          • Semi-automatic finger jointing lines
          • Automatic finger assembler
          • Semi-automatic finger assembler
          • Tenoners
        • Wood aging machines
        • Wood turning lathes
          • Mechanical wood turning lathes
          • Semi-automatic wood turning lathes
          • Automatic wood turning lathes
          • Copy lathes
          • CNC lathes
        • Copy shapers
          • Semi-automatic copy shapers
          • Automatic copy shapers
        • Milling machines
        • Chain mortising machines
        • Automatic moulders planers
          • 4-spindle four side moulder planer
          • 5-spindle four side moulder planer
          • 6-spindle four side moulder planer
          • 7-spindle four side moulder planer
          • 8-spindle four side moulder planer
          • 9-spindle four side moulder planer
          • 10-spindle four side moulder planer
          • Four side moulder planer for heavy timber
        • Tenoning machines
          • Double-side tenoning machines
          • Single-side tenoning machines
        • Drilling and dowel inserting machines
        • Wide belt sanders
        • Sanding machines
          • Oscillating belt sanders
          • Surface sanding machines
          • Brushing machines

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