About company

Agents, brokers
Founded 2010
from 10 to 50 employees


Russia 683038, Kamchatka Region, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, 50 let oktybrya 1, office 307

Trade profile

We sell

Sawn and Sructural Timber

Softwood Lumber

Unedged board, Flitch
Half-edged boards
Lumber, Sawnwood
Construction timber
Beams, baulks, scantlings
Joinery lumber
Railway Sleepers

Glued laminated timber

Structural timber, finger joined timber (KVH)
Duo-laminated beams
Trio-laminated beams
Straight glulam beams
Curved glulam beams
Formwork beams
Cross laminated timber (CLT)
Sandwich panels

Pellets, Firewood, Wood residues

Pellets, briquets, charcoal

Wood pellets
Wood briquets
Wood charcoal
Charcoal briquets
Sunflower husk pellets
Sunflower husk briquets
Rice husk pellets
Peat pellets
Peat briquets
Straw briquets

Wood chips, sawdust, wood flour

Wood chips from logging
Wood chips from sawmill

Forestlands and Logs

Softwood Logs

Rounded logs
Veneer logs
Veneer logs debarked

More information

The group of companies NedboxGroup Ltd. working in Russia and China.

Representatives of our company are located in many cities in both Russia and China, and Japan, Korea, Vietnam and other Asian countries. The main business is the import of various groups of goods from China and Japan to Russia, as well as export of goods from Russia to various countries around the world. Established by our company do business with foreign partners allow direct shipments without intermediaries, NedboxGroup Ltd. working directly with factories only manufacturer that guarantees 100% product quality, warranty and low price, as well as service after the purchase of goods!

Based on commercial experience gained from working in the industrial market, we plan to significantly increase the volume of imports into Russia of various groups of manufactured goods, as well as expand the city and the country of supply. In this regard, our company is interested in establishing and developing business relationships with customers and suppliers from different cities and countries around the world. NedboxGroup Ltd. focused on the most effective interaction with all business units and potential partners from all countries.

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