S. Danielius Ir Ko

High quality tailor made timber houses and timber constructions

About company

Log houses
Founded 2003
from 10 to 50 employees


Lithuania LT-69452, Marijampole, Zariškių 7

Trade profile

We sell

Moldings, Carpentry, Wooden houses

Solid wood components

Finger-joined components
Glued components
Bent wood components
Furniture components
Kitchen doors
Wood Shingle & Shake Roofing
Bed slats

Profiled timber, moldings

Terrace board
Facade board

Joinery product

Wood artworks

Wood house

Timber frame house
Rounded log house
Square milled log house
Structural panel house
Garden Cabins
Garag, carport

Furniture and Garden wood products

Garden products

Garden wood tile
Pergola, arbour
Fences, screens
Garden bridges
Garden borders, edgings

More information

Log houses

Carcass houses

Timber arbors and garages

Unique solid timber furniture

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