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5 hours ago

Swedish Forest Agency: Notified final felling areas decreased by 3% in February

Sweden's total notifications and applications for permission in productive forest land for final felling in February 2018 decreased by 3% to 15,075 hectares compared to the corresponding month of the previous year. This is the first decline since June 2017, except for December 2017, as the Swedish F...
March 14, 2018

Tilhill Forestry appoints Julian Hollingdale as District Manager of its North Highland office in the UK

Tilhill Forestry appoints Julian Hollingdale to the role of District Manager for their North Highland District office based in Inverness, the UK. He then spent 7 years in Southern England within the Forestry and Landscaping businesses before moving to join the forestry team in Inverness in late 2010...
March 13, 2018

Brazilian Expoforest draws more than 220 participating companies

The Brazilian forestry market is one of the few segments that do not directly reflect the country’s economic situation. Even with the threat of recession and political scandals abounding, the forestry sector exported over $7.7 billion in 2017. This figure represents an 11% growth from the previous y...
March 12, 2018

Copa Investimentos improves forest management with INFLOR Forest

Copa Investimentos installs the Forest Registration, Events, GIS, Forestry, Mobility, Inventory and Depletion modules of the INFLOR Forest (SGF) system, as the company says in the press release received by Lesprom Network.Copa boasts a strong control to mitigate risks that can affect the forest plan...
March 5, 2018

ArborGen enters agreement with South Carolina Forestry Commission to operate state nursery in Trenton

ArborGen has entered into a partnership agreement with the South Carolina Forestry Commission. The exclusive 10 year agreement will allow ArborGen to modernize and operate the Taylor Nursery in Trenton, South Carolina, increasing its annual capacity to 30 million units, as the company says in the pr...
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