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March 14, 2017

In 1Q17 almost 50% of fiber consumed by wood pellet plants in US South was industry and forest residues

Almost 50% of the fiber feedstock for wood pellet plants in the US South was industry and forest residues in the 1Q17, up from 33% five years ago, according to the North American Wood Fiber Review.Wood pellet manufacturers in both the US and Canada are increasingly diversifying their feedstock to re...
January 25, 2017

Sweden's timber imports forecast to grow 40% in 2016

As the rapid growth in timber exports to China is showing no signs of slowing down, the Swedish Forest Industries Federation has predicted a 40% increase in 2016.“Imports of timber products into China has really taken off in recent years, far exceeding our expectations,” said Magnus Niklasson, Marke...
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