Russian sawlog and pulpwood export in Q1 2013

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10 July, 2013

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- Russia decreased logs supply to China by 21.1%. China’s share in Russian wood export fell to 50%. The supplies to South Korea and Japan decreased by 35.8% and 19.1%, respectively.

- Wood export to Finland grew by 96.8%, in January of 2013 the export volume to Finland almost equaled with export to China.

- Russian timber fell in price: with growth of the volume by 3.4%, the value of export fell by 12.0%.

- There is consolidation in the export: the number of exporting companies decreased by 22% during the year, while the share of the top 15 suppliers increased by 12 percentage points


-The highest average price in the Q1 of 2013 was for roundwood supplied to Japan, the lowest - for roundwood supplied to Finland.



The Summary                                           3

The Russian wood export trends                4

The main export directions                        6

The main exporters                                  15

The main exporting regions of Russia          28




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