Fintrans GL

Fintrans GL


  • Gegründet 1998
  • Transport, Spedition, Logistik
  • von 1000 bis 5000 mitarbeiter

Standort Russland 191119, Sankt Petersburg, ul.Tyshina, 11

LLC "Fintrans GL" is one of the largest transportation logistics companies, operating since 1998. The company is a member Fintrans ILIM.

Initially, the main activity of our company Intragroup transportation Ilim Group, a leader in the Russian pulp and paper industry in terms of production, financial stability, corporate governance, and technology.
Additional development of the company received in 1999. Fintrans, having credit established partnerships with leading transport and logistics companies, has launched customer service is not included in the holding company.

A key feature of the company is Fintrans providing a full range of services in transportation of any goods. We undertake all the work on delivery of your cargo "door to door".

Now our clients are international corporations and companies that individual shipments. Due to our length of stay in the freight market - we can offer you a very interesting rate.
Transportatation of sawn timber for domestic market and export