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19.01.16, Lesprom Network

Siempelkamp to supply complete particleboard plant including Generation 8 ContiRoll press to Russian Plitspichprom

Siempelkamp will supply of a complete particleboard plant including a Generation 8 ContiRoll press to Plitspichprom, a Russian plant operator, part of "SOUZ" Group, Siempelkamp announced.The "SOUZ" Group had already ordered two Siempelkamp plants ba... Lesen

05.08.14, Lesprom Network

Siempelkamp to supply particleboard plant to Plitspichprom in Russia

With the intent to replace its outdated particleboard plant, the Russian plant operator Plitspichprom (SOUZ Group) turned to Siempelkamp in fall of 2013. Siempelkamp has since then recently received an order for a complete particleboard plant inc... Lesen

25.08.05, Lesprom Network

Expert RA rating agency approved Plitspichprom ecoB++ rating

Expert RA rating agency approved ecoB++ environment rating of Plitspichprom, while the level of environmental responsibility of the company is rate satisfactory, ecological risks are rather low, Expert RA public-affairs reported. In 2004 Plitspic... Lesen

31.05.05, Lesprom Network

Plitspichprom to hold a general meeting on June, 17 2005

On June, 17 2005 Plitspichprom (Kaluga region, Russia) will hold a general region. The general meeting will appoint an auditor, elect a revisor, members of the board of directors, approve the annual report, as well as profits and loss report. ... Lesen