Mayor Natalya Mihaylovna, SP

Mayor Natalya Mihaylovna, SP


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Standort Russland 188691, Sankt Petersburg, m.r-n Vsevolozhskiy, g.p. Zanevskoe, mkr. Noviy Okkervil, ul. Leningradskaya, d. 5, kv. 188

The individual entrepreneur Mayor Natalya Mikhailovna expresses her respect to you and offers to consider yourself as a supplier of edged lumber, natural moisture, wood species, pine, spruce.

Volume of 1 batch: 30-35 m3, (preliminarily, the volume under the contract is from 100 to 1000 cubic meters per month, it is possible to comply with the monthly delivery volume).

Price by agreement, EGAIS.

NOTE: GOST: 8486-86 grade 1-3 of natural humidity, grade 4, 5 as agreed. Spruce / pine wood species (there is a possibility of sorting).

Terms of payment: Payment is made strictly according to the contract of delivery.

Additional conditions: Specification of each batch as agreed.


1. 25x100/125/150x3000/6000

2. 40x100/150x6000

3. 50x100/150x6000

4. 100/150/200x100/150/200x6000

5. Individual sections as agreed by the parties.


Band sawing.

Saw size tolerance 0/+3 mm.

Not allowed: blue, rot, wave to the smaller side of the saw size, mechanical defects, blunt wane, occupying part of the width of the edge, sharp wane, occupying the entire width of the edge.

Allowed: pencil wane.