Shanghai Trico Barium Salts Business Dept

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Gegründet 1999
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China 201206, Shanghai, NO.1399,JINQIAO ROAD,HE.CHEM.EC.CN

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BARIUM SALTS BUSINESS DEPT. is a Chinese specialized company in customized manufacturing and exporting the high purity grade and electronical grade of barium salts (inc. barium carbonate, barium chloride, barium nitrate, barium oxide and barium hydroxide).

We are recommending our excellent barium salts worldwide for producing ceramic of PTC/NTC,precision electronic apparatus, optoelectronics, plasma panel, barium titanate, art glass, microwave oven glassware, other barium salts (e.g. barium titanate) and reagents (Lab specialty), capacitor (capacitance)component, resistor&resistance, thermistor, PDP (Plasma Display Panel) and LCD display, sensor, relay,optical glass, TV kinescope shell, magnetic material and passive components etc.

Expecting to hear from you.

Our barium metaborate product can resist corrosion, powder and mildew. It is good at color keeping, anti-stain and fire resistance, esp. in painting and pigments industry as rusting-proof agent. Especially used in production of optic cable and submarine wire.

The barium chloride is used in electrolysis process of caustic soda, metal heat treatment, pigments, agrochemical like insecticide, softening agent, accumulator cell(storage battery) and purify water etc. Our industrial grade of barium sulphate products are widely used in different paint, oil, pigment, printing ink, textile, glass, pottery, wireless industry, paper-making, plastic and rubber products.

We do hope to have chances to work for you, to enlarge our business activities.