Dezember 3, 2019

Топливные гранулы, брикеты и щепа: производство, сбыт, потребление

Dezember 3, 2019, dienstag
Kontakte 10:00 Telefon 18:00
Moskau, Russland
Международная улица, 16, МВЦ "Крокус Экспо". Выставка Woodex, пав. 1

IAA "INFOBIO" and the magazine "international Bioenergy" invite professionals and budding businessmen to meet and discuss the pressing problems of wood waste management, as well as the production, marketing and consumption of fuel pellets, briquettes, chips and other biofuels.

The biofuel conference has become a tradition within the framework of the Woodeh exhibition, it gathers about 200 people from different parts of Russia and the world.

Would you like to find buyers of biofuels or declare your know-how? The biofuel conference is the best place to find partners and develop effective solutions to generate revenue from waste.