Juli 1, 2020

18. KWF-Tagung

1 Juli — Juli 4, 2020
Kontakte 10:00, 1 Juli
Telefon 18:00, 4 Juli
Schwarzenborn, Deutschland
Forestry experience Black Born, Hessen, Forestry experience Black Born, Hessen

Since 1964, the Board of Trustees for forestry work and technology e. V. organizes on a regular basis the KWF-Tagung. The First was held with the topic “forest establishment – technical possibilities and innovative approaches” in Lüneburg. Up in the 80s, each with a specialized topic at the KWF-Tagung clear focus. This was prepared in a clear, practical demonstrations for forestry practice.

The presentation of forest technology in the forest proved to be a recipe for success and a magnet for the public. The interest of the manufacturers and dealers grew rapidly.