September 26, 2018

20th St. Petersburg international Forest industry Forum

On September 26-27, St. Petersburg will host the 20th St. Petersburg international Forest industry Forum, which will bring together entrepreneurs, experts, regulators, scientists and professionals of the forest industry from around the world to discuss the future of the Russian forest industry and exchange experience. In two days, participants will learn what is happening in the market of timber products in Russia and the world,
26 September — September 27, 2018
Kontakte 10:00, 26 September
Telefon 18:00, 27 September
197110, Sankt Petersburg, Russland
197110, Saint Petersburg, Petrozavodskaya ulitsa 12, letter A, 199004, Solo Sokos Hotel Palace Bridge Birzhevoy per., 2, Saint Petersburg
+7 (812) 320-80-93

In two days, participants will learn what is happening in the market of timber products in Russia and the world, exports to which countries and in what areas – the key to sustainable and growing profits, what legislative changes the state plans to make in the near future and what will happen after the adoption of the strategy of development of

The main focus of this year is the automation of production, logistics and business processes of the company from logging to products with high added value: pros, cons, return on implementation, export and investment support.

The forum will be attended by leading industry experts from the Top 100 companies of Russia, including Kastamonu, novoeniseysky forest chemical complex, Arkhangelsk PPM, International Paper, MM-Efimovsky, Forest2Market, Federal and regional authorities, analysts. In short, those who take part in the development of the forest industry and build a successful business in Russia and abroad.

* 600 + participants

• 50 + speakers

* 15 countries and 36 regions of Russia

* 1500+ business contacts

• 2 days of conferences, round tables on 7 topics

For someone

For logging companies, manufacturers and suppliers of sawn timber, wood boards, biofuels and other wood products with added value, financial institutions, government agencies, logistics companies, buyers, traders, DIY networks and anyone who thinks about starting a business in the forest sector.

The event is supported by the Federal forestry Agency.

Venue: St. Petersburg, Solo Sokos hotel Palace Bridge

Organizer: VO "RESTEC»

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+7 (812) 320-96-94, Daria Bad, tdv@restec.ru