Oktober 19, 2021


From October 19 to 21, 2020, Moscow will host the fourth FSC Forum, where representatives of government authorities, timber companies, certification bodies, environmental and social NGOs, experts and stakeholders will discuss current issues of certification and development of the Russian forest sector.
19 Oktober — Oktober 21, 2021
Kontakte 10:00, 19 Oktober
Telefon 18:00, 21 Oktober
Moskau, Russland
5 Smolenskaya street, Moscow, Hotel "Golden ring"
+7 495 7202677

The main topics of the FSC Forum 2021:

Risks VS growth: discussion with experts on acute and topical issues of the development of FSC certification.

Responsible forest management practices.

Environmentally friendly packaging and products made of wood and paper. How to communicate to the consumer?

New FSC Standard: Application Experience and Risk Approach, FSC and Carbon, Intact Forest Lands.

Non-forest sector and forest. How can you help preserve Russia's forests, is it easy for a business to be environmentally friendly, the prospects and difficulties of companies' transition to sustainable development.

Within the framework of the event, it is also planned to present a new project of the Forest Stewardship Council to collect the best practices in the Russian forestry complex. In addition, a separate meeting of FSC Russia members (representatives of the environmental, economic and social chambers) will take place to discuss the implementation of the FSC Development Strategy until 2022.