Juni 12, 2019

Furniture. Interior. Woodworking

leading Kazakhstan project dedicated to the furniture and woodworking industries.
12 Juni — Juni 15, 2019
Kontakte 10:00, 12 Juni
Telefon 18:00, 15 Juni
Almati, Kasachstan
JSC "Atakent-Expo" LLP 6th floor, block "C", "Atakent Park Hotel" 42, Timiryazev St., Atakent Park Hotel

Demonstration of advanced technologies and achievements in the field of furniture and woodworking industries.

Promotion of strengthening of furniture manufacturers’ position in the domestic and foreign markets.

Expanding the horizon of business cooperation for all exhibitors.

Providing an opportunity to choose furniture of various modifications, styles and directions, different upholsteries, accessories and decorative elements of the interior for consumers.

Annually the exhibition confirmed their status as the main professional event of woodworking and furniture industry, which influence to the position of industry and allow to visitors keep abreast of new trends in the woodworking and furniture industry, contribute to new contracts and increase the chances of successful product promotion on the market.

Communication of furniture and woodworking industry specialists, representatives of trade organizations, and potential customers during the exhibition has a positive impact on the development of industrial market, helping to create favorable conditions for the development of cross-sectoral linkages and improve the efficiency of furniture and woodworking industry enterprises.