Juni 20, 2018

Gabon WoodShow 2018

West Africa’s Leading Platform for Wood and Forestry Transformation
20 Juni — Juni 22, 2018
Kontakte 10:00, 20 Juni
Telefon 18:00, 22 Juni
Libreville, Gabun
Jardin Botanique, Librevilla, Gabon, Jardin Botanique
Strategic Marketing and Exhibitions
+971 4 392 3232

Gabon Wood, Woodworking & Forestry Show 2018 offers you the chance to meet wood, woodworking and forestry professionals, develop ideas for increasing the range and quality of your business, and learn new techniques and sources of supply. It is a quest to be the best platform for creative ideas and new technologies, and showcase innovative resources that would lead to lucrative transactions.

Gabon is a bustling business hub with rapid development and expansion. It is the ideal place for the global wood industry to meet. The exhibition would display the latest products and innovations in the wood and forestry industry in the region.