April 13, 2022

Congress and Exhibition "Biomass: Fuel and Energy - 2022"

The Congress and exhibition "Biomass: fuel and energy" will once again be held on April 13-14, 2022. The main purpose of the Congress is to discuss the production and use of liquid (motor) and solid (boiler) biofuels, as well as the production of food alcohol.
13 April — April 14, 2022
Kontakte 10:00, 13 April
Telefon 18:00, 14 April
125047, Moskau, Russland
Moscow, Lesnaya street 15, Holiday Inn Lesnaya
Russian Biofuels Association

The organizer is the Russian Biofuel Association (RBA). Participants of the Congress will be grain producers and traders, sugar companies, loggers and wood processors, Central banks, oil refineries, utilities, gas stations, entrepreneurs, banks, venture companies, investment funds, engineering companies, equipment manufacturers, representatives of regional and Federal authorities, journalists, environmentalists, scientists-all who are interested in fuels from renewable raw materials.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed amendments to the Federal law "on state regulation of production and turnover of ethyl alcohol, alcoholic and alcohol-containing products" adopted by the state Duma at the end of 2018...". The changes regulate the production and use of fuel bioethanol, thus opening up new business opportunities.

According to the President of the Russian Biofuel Association Alexey Ablaev: "both the law signed at the highest level and the program for the development of biotechnologies in Russia will make the development of biotechnologies and biofuels markets a locomotive that can give the country an impetus for further growth based on economic diversification. The Congress and exhibition "Biomass: fuel and energy" is a meeting place where industry participants will discuss ways to develop business in the biofuel market, taking into account the favorable political environment."

During the event, an exhibition will be held, and leading experts will exchange experience and speak on various topics, including:

 State of the industry: development of technologies and the biofuel market.

 Bio-plants: engineering, manufactured products, Economics.

 Production of food and technical alcohol: subtleties of technology, reconstruction of factories, new types of raw materials.

 Conversion of distilleries to the production of feed yeast and other biological products.

 Fuel bioethanol, butanol and other transport biofuels.

 Biofuels from straw and sawdust: technologies and commercialization.

 Pyrolysis and gasification: bio-oil, syngas and charcoal. Standards and market for furnace biofuels.

 Biodiesel, bio-kerosene and vegetable oils as fuel.

 Solid biofuels: pellets, briquettes, wood chips.

 Logistics of forest and agricultural biomass.

 Energy and water treatment in the implementation of projects.

 Other issues in the biofuel industry.