Januar 12, 2017

Internationale Kongress Der Säge-Und Holzindustrie

Internationale Kongress Der Säge-Und Holzindustrie
12 Januar — Januar 13, 2017
Kontakte 10:00, 12 Januar
Telefon 18:00, 13 Januar
Berlin, Deutschland
Dorotheenstraße 54, 10117 Berlin, Germany, Cafe "Moscow" Berlin
Der Deutsche Säge- und Holzindustrie Bundesverband (DeSH)
+49 30 22320490

Annual event in the woodworking industry in the next year will be held in the cafe "Moscow" in Berlin.

Hot topics, professional exchange, and numerous networking opportunities in one of the most beautiful places in Germany.

During the conference, we offer an extensive affiliate program for your support. There will be more than 30 speakers and more than 300 participants.

Also you can visit an exhibition of architectural wood construction "Roads of the Future", which will take place in Berlin from October 2016 to January 2017.