September 17, 2017


10th The International Exhibition for Furniture and Interior Designs
17 September — September 20, 2017
Kontakte 10:00, 17 September
Telefon 18:00, 20 September
Astana, Kasachstan
3 Dostyk street, Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan, International Exhibition Centre «Корме»
Central Asia Trade Exhibitions
+7 (727) 266 36 80

International Exhibition KAZINTERMEBEL is a platform for productive dialogue between manufacturers and trade companies, the area of active marketing and promotion of goods and services, where it is possible to become familiar with innovative technologies, materials and components for the furniture industry, innovations in interior design. The exhibition will provide an opportunity to demonstrate the latest developments, products and services of furniture industry that best reflect the needs of the furniture market. KAZINTERMEBEL enables annually to meet and share experiences with local and foreign participants in the most modern exhibition complex "Korme" in Astana. In 2017 Exhibition in Astana will bring together leading manufacturers, representatives of retailers, representatives of business organizations, designers, manufacturers of materials, components and accessories and others.

The main objective of KAZINTERMEBEL is to gather leading players in the furniture industry, active manufacturers of interior who wish to inform the buyer about their innovations, development of the company or to assert themselves. The exhibition will bring together large wholesale distributors with potential clients, which contributes to the large-scale sales of furniture, materials for its production and interior items. KAZINTERMEBEL 2017 will be a unifying platform for companies conducting furniture industry to new technological and marketing peak, presenting new opportunities for local and foreign companies in the development and promotion of goods.