August 26, 2021

Mass Timber Vibrations w/ KPFF Engineers

Vibration and its impact on the economy and the choice of solid wood floors.
26 August — August 27, 2021
Kontakte 16:00, 26 August
Telefon 17:30, 27 August
Critical Mass (Timber) Meetup Group

While vibration design is not a code requirement in the U.S., it is widely recognized as having a significant impact on the economy and selection of mass timber floors.

It is for that reason that we are pleased to be joined by Reid Zimmerman (Technical Director) and Jack McCutcheon (Professional Engineer) of KPFF engineers to learn about and discuss the latest on vibration design and performance of mass timber floors for walking-induced excitation.

The presentation topics will include:

(1) human sensitivity and subjectivity to vibration;

(2) brief vibration theory;

(3) vibration criteria for occupant comfort and equipment operation;

(4) design decisions influencing vibration of mass timber floors;

(5) methods and modeling of vibration for mass timber floors, and;

(6) reference to several mass timber floor vibration design examples for future reading by the audience.