Oktober 1, 2021

Paul Bunyan Show 2021

Ohio State and International Lumberjack Competitions - Great Lakes Timber Show - Log Loader Competition - Events and seminars designed for professional loggers, forest landowners, portable band saw owners, wildlife enthusiasts, high production sawmills (saw filing and maintenance) and the general public
1 Oktober — Oktober 3, 2021
Kontakte 08:00, 1 Oktober
Telefon 17:00, 3 Oktober
Cambridge, Vereinigte Staaten
335 Old National Rd Lore City, Огайо 43755, Guernsey County Fairgrounds
Ohio Forestry Association, Inc. (OFA)

This year's show: selling and demonstrating equipment in real time. ● National and international Ohio lumberjack competitions. ● Exhibition of logging in the Great Lakes. ● Logging competition. ● Recertification of master forest managers. ● Events and seminars designed for professional loggers, landowners, owners of portable band saws, wildlife enthusiasts, high-performance sawmills (registration and maintenance of lumber) and the general public.