März 14, 2017

Tekhnodrev St. Petersburg

Tekhnodrev St. Petersburg
14 März — März 16, 2017
Kontakte 10:00, 14 März
Telefon 18:00, 16 März
Sankt Petersburg, Russland
Peterburgskoye shosse, 64, St. Petersburg, Expoforum Exhibition Centre
RESTEC Exhibition Company
+7 (812) 320-96-94


Machines, technical equipment and services for forestry

Machines and technical equipment for primary processing (production of semi-finished goods)

Machines and technical equipment for secondary processing (laminating, machining, gluing of solid timber)

Machines and technical equipment for surface finishing

Machines and technical equipment for assembly, packaging

Materials handling, warehousing and commissioning technology

Robots technology

Machines and plants for special purposes

Machines and plants for special product groups

Auxiliary machines, equipment and devices; other

Portable machines for processing of timber and plastics

Tools and auxiliaries

Machines, equipment and tools for maintenance and manufacturing of tools

Products for the equipment of machines

Use of residual wood (dust, chips, firewood, bark), generation of energy and heating using wood fuels

Energy saving, environmental protection, occupational safety, fire prevention and air conditioning.

Electronic data acquisition and data processing equipment; measuring, testing and control systems

Delivery of complete plants, financing and leasing companies

Independent computer software (CAD, ERP, production planning and control etc.)

Independent services for the wood industry

Research and testing institutes, educational institutions for the timber and woodworking industries (universities, technical colleges, etc.)

Publishing houses specialising in woodworking and furniture-making