Juni 14, 2019

The Australian Woodturning Exhibition (AWTEX)

The Australian Woodturning exhibition (AWTEX) is now the premier woodturning event in the country that brings together the best woodturning and wood turners in Australia.
14 Juni — Juni 16, 2019
Kontakte 10:00, 14 Juni
Telefon 18:00, 16 Juni
Moorabbin, Australien
The Banquet Rooms Second Floor Kingston City Hall 985 Nepean Highway (corner South Road and Nepean Highway, 100 metres from Moorabbin train Station) Moorabbin, Melbourne. VIC 3189 Melways Reference: 77 D5, Kingston City Hall

This exhibition is a not for profit event and is run entirely by volunteers from a variety of clubs around Melbourne who see woodturning as an art form that is worthy of preserving and passing on to many generations to come.

Each year we invite turners from around the country to submit entries over a variety of categories from vessels, bowls, platters, identical pairs, wood art, functional items, miniatures, pens to ornamental work.

The end result is an annual event held in June in Melbourne open over 3 days to the public that presents outstanding wood art that hobbyists, craft, wood and art enthusiasts will appreciate.