März 10, 2021

The Congress of Wood Housing Association

The Congress of Wood Housing Association
10 März — März 11, 2021
Kontakte 10:00, 10 März
Telefon 18:00, 11 März
Moskau, Russland
Moscow, Russia, Good Wood Plaza
Wooden Housing Construction Association
+7 (495) 627-75-53

The congress on wooden construction is the only event of the international scale in Russia which brings together over 300 representatives of business and government institutions for the decision and discussion of the issues connected with wooden construction. Target audience – architects, production enterprises, builders, marketing specialists of the sphere of wooden construction. The agenda of the Congress: – Foresight – a prospection. Prospects of development of the branch by 2030. Leading experts predict development of Association and market of wooden construction in Russia. – New architectural and construction concepts with application of wooden designs. The Russian and foreign engineers share design secrets of the use of wood. – Business and science. Development of norms and regulations, test results of wooden designs and much from the leading higher educational institutions and technical centers. – Seminars, presentations and work-shops from Russian and foreign companies, the leading brands in the field wooden housing construction, branch and technologies innovations. Over three hundred participants are expected to join the event – representatives of Wood Housing Association member enterprises, federal and regional authorities, heads of the investment and developer companies, banks, educational institutions, foreign delegations.