Overall results of Russian forest products industry in 2008

MarktforschungMärz 2009


Language: English
Date of issue: 17th March 2009
Number of pages: 120
Quantity of tables – 75, quantity of figures – 50
Quantity of companies - about 250
Format of document: PDF

Price: 800 Euro.

This research results are destined for specialists of logging, woodworking, pulp and paper companies. It would be also interesting for banks and investment companies’ professionals.

The report includes:

  • Volume results of Russian logging, woodworking, pulp and paper companies in a context of the Russian social and economic processes in 2008;
  • The main trends in forest based industries in Russia;
  • Estimations, summaries of qualitative and quantitative researches, regarding prospects of wooden products markets development
  • Information on foreign trade: export and import trends and directions;
  • The main trends and influence of consuming industries: construction, furniture, packaging and equipment.


1. Summary
2. Russian economy trends in 2008
3. Russian forest based industries trends
4. Logging industry
   4.1. Logs removal
   4.2. Industrial wood
5. Woodworking industry
    5.1. Sawn timber
    5.2. Fiberboard
       5.2.1. MDF
    5.3. Chipboard
       5.3.1. OSB
    5.4. Plywood
6. Pulp and paper industries
    6.1. Wooden pulp
    6.2. Paper
       6.2.1. Newsprint
    6.3. Cardboard
    6.4. Paper bag


Euro 600

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