Overall results of Russian forest products industry in FH2006.

MarktforschungAugust 2006

Analytical report


Overall results of Russian forest industry for the first 6 months of  2006


Language: English

Date of issue:  August  21  2006

Number of pages: near 78

Quantity of tables – near 59, quantity of figures – near 50

Type of document: Electronic document                             

Price of Russion version: EUR  175



Description  review

On the 21 of August “Lesprom Industry Consulting “ is issuing  a new edition of  analytical survey “Overall results of Russian forest industry  for the first 6 months of  2006”

The survey will be supplemented with foreign-economic activity analyze – export and import dynamics of main forest products and information about main exporters/importers.

The current survey is oriented for specialists of timber and pulp-and-paper industry as well as it will be useful for professionals taking the investment decisions in forest sector.


Analytical survey “Overall results of Russian forest industry for the first 6 months of  2006”

-         Provides you truthful and operative information about industrial and economic activity results of Forest industry both in Russia on the whole and by the sectors;

-         Determines tendencies of industry development and global market trends;

-         Gives information about production and financial figures for the first six month.





1.       Russian economy state of affairs for the first half-year of 2006;

2.       Russian timber sector for the first half-year of 2006;

3.       Logging industry;

4.       Timber-processing industry:

1).     Sawn timber;

2).     Fiberboard;

3).     Chipboard;

4).     Plywood;

5.       Pulp and paper industry

1).     Pulp;

2).     Paper:

-         News print;

3).     Cardboard;

4).     Paper bags;

Supplement. Realized and planned projects for modernizing and putting into operation new production facilities by forest industry's companies


Sources used for preparation:

-         Holding companies and enterprises;

-         Russian State statistics committee;

-         State Custom committee of Russian federation;

-         Ministry of economic development and trading;

-         Macroeconomic analysis and short-term forecast Government center;

-         First Independent Rating Agency;

-         Russian regional governments.
Euro 175

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