Overall results of Russian's Timber industry work in 2004. Russion version.

MarktforschungApril 2005





Language: Russion

Number of pages: 67  

Type of document: Electronic document

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Timber sector economic survey

·         Gives you complete and up-to-date information on the total Russian timber industry sector rates;

·         Provides comparative analysis of the sector state of affairs;

·         Defines tendencies of the sector development, interior and exterior state of the market

·         Provides production and financial rates for a quarter, half a year and a year.


The survey is highly representative due to the wide information sources database it operates with.

·         Production rates of more than 100 timber enterprises from main regions;

·         Data on statistics presented by Russian State statistics committee;

·         Macroeconomic analysis and short-term forecast Government center data;

·         Data presented by Russian regional governments;


The survey consists of 4 chapters:

·         Russian economy general state of affairs in 2004;

·         Basic trends of timber sector development

·         Timber, timber-processing and pulp and paper production dynamics

·         Key occurrences, that influenced the timber sector development in 2004.


Texts are accompanied by a number of tables (31) and diagrams (41), that illustrate Russian industrial development rates in 2000-2004, total timber sector growth as well as timber, timber- processing, pulp and paper production rates increase; timber industry sector basic goods production rates.

The tables include dynamic data: timber, timber-processing and pulp and paper production, timber sector enterprises financial rates, prices set by timber and paper manufacturers; regional production by leading enterprises  and etc.


                1. Russian economy state of affairs in 2004

                2. Russian timber sector in 2004

                3.  Timber industry

                         3.1. Removal of Logs

                4. Timber-processing industry

                         4.1   Sawn timber

                         4.2   Hardboard

                         4.3  Chipboard

                         4.4. Veneer

                5. Pulp and paper industry

                         5.1  Pulp

                         5.2  Paper

                            5.2.1. News-print

                         5.3  Cardboard

                         5.4  Other related products

                            5.4.1. Paper bag

                            5.4.2. Offset paper


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