Overall results of Russian’s timber industry work in 2002

MarktforschungAugust 2003

Overall results of Russian’s timber industry work in 2002

  • Gives the authentic operative information on results of industrial - economic activities of a  Pulp, Paper and Timber industry of Russia as a whole;
  • Carries out the comparative analysis of a condition of branch;
  • Defines tendencies of development of branch, an internal and external conjuncture;
  • Operating and financial results for a quarter, half-year and year  2002 ;
  • More 100 enterprises of a wood structure from 37 regions;
  • Statistical materials of the State committee of the Russian Federation on statistics;
  • Data of the Center of the macroeconomic analysis and short-term forecasting at the Government of the Russian Federation;
  • Data of  Governement of Regions of the Russian Federation;


The text part of the review is accompanied by significant number of tables (45) and schedules (42) which illustrate rates of industrial production in Russia in 2000 - 2002, growth of manufacture in a timber industry complex as a whole, and also Logging, Woodworking, Pulp and Paper; rates of growth of manufacture of the basic kinds of production of Russian's timber industry, etc.

In a tabulated kind dynamic parameters are given: production logging, woodworking and pulp-and-paper production; financial results of activity of enterprises of Russian's timber industry; a price index; production on regions and on the basic enterprises, etc.

Major conclusions

By 2003 timber industry has exhausted reserves of post-crisis growth, as well as entire Russia's industry. Output of timber and paper products grew 2.4% as compared to 2001, which is considerably lower than rate in the industry on the average/

General growth of timber industry in 2002 was achieved mostly due to stable work of pulp and paper industry. Logging industry remains the weakest component of Russia's timber industry, hindering its development. Abrupt slowing down in timber felling last year due to unfavorable weather conditions caused aggravation of raw material deficit at processing plants.

2002 saw decline of profit rate in timber and paper industry down to 4.3%, which was caused by rapid growth of material expenses and not followed by respective growth of product prices.

Against a background of poor production and finance the past year was marked by sharply growth of interest to the industry both on the part of governmental bodies and integrated business-groups. Alongside with this, the process of property redistribution has revived actively in the industry.

Growth rate of timber industry production in 2003 is estimated at 103.0 to 103.2% according to the stagnation variant, and at 104.6 to 104.8% according to the optimistic variant.



1. General situation in Russia's economy in 2002

2. Timber industry in 2002

3. Logging industry

3.1. Timber removal

4. Woodworking industry

4.1. Saw-timber

4.2. Fiberboard

4.3. Chipboard

4.4. Plywood

5. Pulp and paper industry


5.1.1 Pulp

5.1.2 Market cellulose

5.2. Paper

5.2.1 Newsprint

5.3. Cardboard

5.4. Other products

5.4.1. Paper bags

5.4.2. Offset paper



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