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Art-Market plans to export up to 1500 m3 of lumber monthly

July 15, 2022 – From the point of view of logistics, the management of "Art-Market" sees the CIS countries as the most comfortable markets

Art-Market company was founded in 2013 and initially specialized in the sale of automotive climate systems for commercial vehicles - refrigeration units, air conditioning and heating systems, engine preheaters, etc.

In 2018, the company started wood harvesting. “In the Republic of Bashkiria in Russia, we leased three forest areas,” says Arthur Sitdikov, founder and director of Art-Market. – Today, the company's total guaranteed allowable cutting area is about 15,000 m3 per year. This is in addition to other auctions in which we participate.” The company sells harvested wood within the country: it supplies birch veneer logs to the Sveza plant, and softwood sawlogs to sawmill in the region.

In 2021 the company's management decided to launch its own sawmill. On the territory of 2 hectares, a sawmill building with a total area of ​​600 m2 was built. “Russian made band sawmills have been installed at the plant,” says Artur Sitdikov. - In the near future, we plan to upgrade it and are now negotiating with equipment suppliers. One of these companies is Altayspetsmash. Modernization of production facilities will allow the company to achieve its goal - to produce 3,000 m3 of raw and dry lumber per month. The company has several drying chambers outsourced, allowing it to produce high quality dry sawn wood.

About half of the lumber produced by Art-Market will be sold on the domestic market. “We are ready to supply approximately 50% of the total production volume to foreign markets,” says Artur Sitdikov. “In the future, we plan to ship about 1,000–1,500 m3 of sawn timber for export every month.”

The company initially considered Europe as one of the sales markets for its sawn products. However, due to the sanctions imposed on Russia and the subsequent restrictions in logistics company’s management made adjustments to these plans. “Now we are considering the markets of the CIS countries - Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, etc. - says Arthur Sitdikov. – These markets are now the most comfortable in terms of logistics. So far, we are only studying these areas, working out all the nuances of product deliveries. In order to work effectively, you need to understand the needs of a particular market, study the characteristics of the products that are in demand in this market, so that our lumber is advised to all the norms and requirements of a particular market. After all, different countries have different geometry tolerances, requirements for humidity, chemical and phytosanitary treatment.”

The company plans to work on a bespoke basis with clients in export markets. Order lead times depend on the batch size. “For example, we can produce an order of 30–40 m3 in a week,” Artur Sitdikov explains. – It will take about 20 days to produce 120 m3. The delivery time in each case will be calculated individually, as it is now very difficult to set any fixed terms.”

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