General Terms and Conditions

Lesprom Network builds technologies and services that help you to develop your business and expand contacts with partners around the world. These Terms govern your use of Lesprom Network, services, products, functions, applications, software and technologies that we offer (hereinafter referred to as Services), unless expressly stated that separate terms apply and these Terms do not apply. Lesprom Network services are provided to you by Lesprom Network, inc., a Delaware corporation (hereinafter referred to as Lesprom Network). The terms “you” and “your” mean an individual who enters into an agreement with Lesprom Network under these Terms.

1. The services we provide

Lesprom Network's mission is to help entrepreneurs, professionals and companies improve their business efficiency by establishing business relationships around the world. To fulfill this mission, we develop products and services that we provide on the site (hereinafter referred to as Site).

1.1. Account - your account created at the time of registration on the Site, which allows Site to identify you (authorize you) by means of a unique username and password. The login and password for access to the Account are determined by you independently when registering on the Site and can be changed by you in the manner described in these Terms or in the "Help" section of the Site.

1.2. Personal page is a section on the Site that contains some of the information you post that is available for review by other users of the Site. The personal page is used to expand your contacts and exchange Personal messages, add other users to professional contacts and perform other actions.

1.3. Personal messages are electronic messages transmitted by users to each other, which are not available for review by other persons. By creating a personal message to a new addressee, you thereby create a new trade chat (hereinafter referred to as the Trade chat).

1.4. Content - design elements, illustrations, graphics, photographs, scripts, texts, videos, sounds and other objects posted on the Site, which are the result of intellectual activity or not, the rights to which belong to Lesprom Network, users of the Site or other persons.

1.5. Marketplace is a set of online services of the Site designed to exchange information between users for commercial, research and other purposes.

Before you start using the Site, you must familiarize yourself with these Terms, as well as with all rules and other documents applicable in Lesprom Network, which are freely available on the Internet at: After filling in the required fields of the registration form and familiarizing yourself with the Terms, you accept these Terms by clicking the "Register" button or similar, which is the acceptance of the Lesprom Network’s offer, as well as obliges you to comply with the Terms.

Actual use of the Site without registering an Account in the form, in particular, viewing the pages of the Site is also an acceptance of these Terms.

Registration on the Site is intended only for individuals aged 18 and over.

2. Terms of use of Site

2.1. For the full use of the Site, you create an Account.

When registering an Account, you must provide up-to-date and relevant information, including your last name, first name, gender, date of birth and other information specified in the registration form. To enter your Account, you use unique authorization data - login and password, which are confidential information and are not subject to disclosure, except as provided by applicable law and / or these Terms. In connection with the loss of your password, you bear the risk of fraudulent and other illegal actions with your Account. We recommend that you choose a password of sufficient complexity to avoid the possibility of its guessing by third parties.

2.2. Your data specified during registration, namely last name, first name, date of birth, city of residence, place of study, work and other information reflected in the Account and on the Personal page (hereinafter Credentials) are processed by Lesprom Network in order to properly execute these Terms and improving the functions of the Site.

2.3. By accepting these Terms and posting data in the Account, you agree to the processing of your personal data, to display the Credentials on your Personal page, and also to the fact that the Credentials displayed on the Personal page will be publicly available.

The purpose of processing your Credentials is to determine the functions of the Site that could potentially be of interest to you, offer you to use these functions, conduct advertising campaigns, conduct statistical research and analyze the statistical data obtained, and perform other actions described in these Terms and the relevant sections of the Site.

The processing of your Credentials is carried out during the entire period of time from the moment of your registration on the Site until the moment of deletion of your Account.

You agree that Lesprom Network, during the processing of Credentials, has the right to perform the following actions with Credentials: collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, use, transfer of impersonal statistical data to third parties, destruction and other necessary for the purpose of executing these Terms and fulfilling functions of the Site.

The current version of the document defining the Lesprom Network's policy in the field of processing and ensuring the security of personal data (hereinafter referred to as the "Privacy Policy") is published and available for review on the Internet at: Lesprom Network has the right to unilaterally change the terms of the Privacy Policy by publishing it in a new version on the Internet at the above address. Changes to the Privacy Policy take effect at the time of the publication of the modified document, as indicated above. You assume the responsibility of yourself to regularly monitor changes to the Privacy Policy and familiarize yourself with its content. By accepting this Agreement, you signify your agreement to the terms of the Privacy Policy.

2.4. After registering an Account, you have the right to fill the Account, Personal Page and other elements of the Site with Content, add photos and other materials in accordance with the provided functionality, create pages of organizations and use other functions provided by the Site, subject to these Terms.

2.5. You acknowledge and agree that the information and credentials posted in your Account are available for review by other persons through your Personal page.

2.6. You enter your Account each time by going through the authorization procedure - entering your username and password, clicking on the hyperlink received by email, as a result of automatic authorization using cookies and other methods.

2.7. The person authorized in the Account is considered the proper owner of the Account, access to the use and management of which was obtained as a result of such authorization.

2.8. When you use the Site, cookie technology may be used for the purpose of your automatic authorization in the Account, as well as for collecting statistical data, in particular, on the traffic to the Site. We use cookies to better understand how you interact with the materials on our site. Our Cookie Policy is publicly available at

2.9. You have the right to restrict or prohibit the use of cookie technology by applying the appropriate browser settings.

2.10. If it is impossible to complete authorization due to the loss of a password, blocking of the Account, and for other reasons, you have the right to contact the Lesprom Network support service, or follow the instructions posted in the Help section and other sections of the Site. The methods of restoring access to the Account and your authorization can be changed, canceled or supplemented by Lesprom Network unilaterally.

2.11. When using the Site, you are obliged to observe precautions in relation to the Content, especially the Content posted by other users, other materials and information; when clicking on the hyperlinks posted on the Site; when using any files, including software, in order to avoid negative impact on your computer of malicious software, unfair access to your Account, password guessing and other negative consequences for you.

2.12. Unless otherwise expressly indicated by you when posting Content, by posting Content on the Site, you grant Lesprom Network, its partners and all other users, on the terms of a gratuitous, non-exclusive license, the right to use this Content for the entire duration of the exclusive right to the relevant Content throughout the world by any means, including, but not limited to, disclose to the public, viewing, reproduction, translation and processing.

Your use of the Content posted on the Lesprom Network Site by third parties with the consent of Lesprom Network or by other users is allowed within the Site functionality subject to any permissions and restrictions that may be established by the copyright holder, provided that the copyright marks or other notices of authorship are preserved , keeping the author's name unchanged.

2.13. You do not have the right to upload or otherwise disclose to the public (post on the Site) Content and other results of intellectual activity of users, Lesprom Network and other rightholders without the explicit consent of the rights holder and / or the necessary rights to do so.

3. What you can do on Site

Lesprom Network grants you the right to use the Site as software and a database, including access to the functions of the Site and the information contained therein, within the limits determined by these Terms.

The right to use the Site, with the exception of the paid Lesprom Network Services described in the respective separate agreements, is provided to you free of charge. The acquisition of rights to use paid services is not a prerequisite for your use of the Site. The rights to use paid services are provided at your request.

3.1. You have the right to:

3.1.1. use the main functionality of the Site using the software built into it, including creating an Account and a Personal Page, posting and processing information and Content, interacting with other users of the Site in compliance with the rules provided for in these Terms;

3.1.2. make settings for the Account and Personal page, change the login and password for accessing the Account; 3.1.3. create new pages of organizations;

3.1.4. send and receive Personal messages;

3.1.5. acquire the rights to use the paid Services of the Site and exercise these rights in accordance with these Terms and additional agreements on the corresponding paid services;

3.1.6. carry out other actions not prohibited by law or these Terms related to the use of the Site.

3.2. You are obliged to:

3.2.1. comply with these Terms without any restrictions;

3.2.2. independently take appropriate measures to ensure the security of your Account and Personal page and prevent unauthorized access to them by third parties;

3.2.3. at the request of Lesprom Network in connection with the execution of these Terms, confirm your credentials, including last name, first name, and other data;

3.2.4. not to post photographs in which other persons are captured besides you, without their prior consent, except in cases where such consent is not required in accordance with the law;

3.2.5. notify Lesprom Network of all cases of actions on the Site against you that may be regarded as offensive, humiliating, defamatory, etc .;

3.2.6. independently periodically get acquainted with the content of these Terms at

3.2.7. comply with the Marketplace terms of use, as well as other requirements and fulfill other obligations provided for by these Terms and the descriptions posted on the Site.

3.3. You are not allowed to:

3.3.1. collect the credentials of other users;

3.3.2. use any automatic or automated means, scripts to collect information posted on the Site;

3.3.3. post on the Site or transmit through Personal messages restricted information (confidential information) of third parties, if you do not have sufficient rights by virtue of law or an agreement to disclose this information;

3.3.4. post fraudulent information on the Site;

3.3.5. indicate when registering an Account or subsequently enter deliberately false or fictitious information about yourself, in particular someone else's or fictitious name and surname;

3.3.6. post on the Site as your own photograph images of other persons or fictional characters, images of animals, objects, abstract images, as well as any other graphic images that are not your images;

3.3.7. register a personal Account for use by a group of persons or an organization;

3.3.8. register more than one personal Account;

3.3.9. carry out unauthorized access to the Accounts of other users by selecting or entering a password, as well as to attempt such access;

3.3.10. reproduce, distribute, process, for commercial or non-commercial purposes, elements of the Site that are copyrighted by Lesprom Network, other users or third parties, in the absence of the permission of the respective copyright holders to perform these actions;

3.3.11. reproduce design elements or user interface of the Site when creating sites or conducting any commercial activity on the Internet or outside it;

3.3.12. distribute outside the Site for commercial or non-commercial purposes, audiovisual content and credentials of other users of the Site, without the consent of these users;

3.3.13. transfer the rights to use the Site granted to you to other users or third parties by means of a subcontract or otherwise;

3.3.14. violate the rules for using the Site set forth in these Terms.

3.4. You warrant that you have all the necessary powers to enter into agreement under these Terms.

4. Lesprom Network rights and obligations

4.1. Lesprom Network carries out the current management of the Site, determines its structure, appearance, allows or restricts your access to the Site in case of violation of the provisions of these Terms, and exercises other rights belonging to it. You agree that Lesprom Network has the right to use the functional and technical capabilities of the software that provides the display of the Content posted on the Site, at its discretion, including for the purpose of displaying advertisements.

4.2. In terms of providing an opportunity for interaction between users of the Site, including providing you with the opportunity to independently perform certain actions on the Site, Lesprom Network acts exclusively as a person who organized the technical possibility of such interaction. The transfer, storage and provision of access through the Internet and the Site software to the information provided by users, graphics and other materials related to such interaction, are carried out without changing such materials or influencing them on the part of Lesprom Network.

4.3. Lesprom Network independently solves questions about the procedure for placing advertisements on the Site, participation in affiliate programs, etc.

4.4. Lesprom Network has the right to:

4.4.1. at any time, change the design and user interface of the Site, its content, the content of the functions provided, including paid Services, change or supplement the scripts used, software, Lesprom Network Content and other objects used or stored on the Site, any server applications, as with notice , and without your notice;

4.4.2. delete without any reason and without warning any Content, including Content that, at the discretion of Lesprom Network, violates and / or may violate the legislation, the provisions of these Terms, the rights of other users or third parties, harm them or threaten their safety;

4.4.3. at its discretion, delete any information (including your Personal messages), including those posted by you on the Site in violation of the laws or the provisions of these Terms;

4.4.4. suspend, restrict or terminate your access to all or any of the sections of the Site, its functions at any time without giving any reason, with or without prior notice to you;

4.4.5. at its discretion, delete your Account, including in the case of actions by you, violate laws or provisions of these Terms;

4.4.6. provide you for a fee the right to use paid Services on the terms provided for in these Terms and separate agreements on the use of paid Services;

4.4.7. send you messages (including messages by email, sms messages, etc.), which are notifications about the introduction of new or cancellation of old functions of the Site, about new Personal messages, comments on your Personal page, etc. containing advertising information about the functions of the Site, including paid Services.

4.4.8. install and store information about your IP-addresses of access to the Site, use technical information files (cookies) placed on your personal computer, in order to collect statistical data and identify you;

4.4.9. when using the Site, make comments to you, warn, notify, inform about non-compliance with these Terms. Lesprom Network's instructions given to you during your use of the Site are binding on you;

4.4.10. to take measures not prohibited by law to protect its own intellectual rights in relation to the Site and its software;

4.5. Lesprom Network does not consider and resolve disputes and conflicts arising between users or third parties. Lesprom Network has the right to suspend, restrict or terminate your access to the Site (the right to use the Site) in case of receiving a motivated complaint from another user about your incorrect or unlawful behavior on the Site.

4.6. Lesprom Network undertakes:

4.6.1. on the terms set forth in these Terms to enable you to use the Site, grant the rights to use the Site as software and / or database;

4.6.2. notify you about changes to these Terms by posting information on the Site or sending messages.

5. Warranties and liability

5.1. The Site, including all scripts, services, design and Content are provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis, and that Lesprom Network and third-party data providers do not provide any explicit warranties or implied in relation to the Site and Content, including, but not limited to, their commercial value or suitability for a particular purpose of use. Lesprom Network cannot guarantee and does not promise any specific results from the use of the Site or its elements. Lesprom Network does not guarantee the compliance of the Content posted on the Site, including by other users, with your individual ideas about morality and ethics.

5.2. Lesprom Network makes commercially reasonable efforts to ensure the functioning of the Site around the clock, but does not guarantee the absence of interruptions associated with technical malfunctions, maintenance, and does not guarantee full or partial functionality of the Site. Lesprom Network does not guarantee that the Site or any of its elements will function at any particular time in the future or that they will not stop working.

5.3. You guarantee that your posting on the Site or transmission through Personal Messages of information, Content, other legally protected results of intellectual activity, parts or copies thereof, as well as other materials does not violate anyone's rights and legitimate interests. In case of receipt of claims from third parties in connection with a violation of these Terms in terms of posting information and / or content of third parties, Lesprom Network has the right to transfer your contact information, within the limits permitted by law,  to persons who have filed claims, in order to settle the arisen disagreements.

5.4. You guarantee that you will take appropriate measures to ensure the confidentiality of the credentials (login and password) used by you to authorize on the Site, and to prevent the possibility of authorization by others.

5.5. Lesprom Network guarantees the use of the email address and mobile phone number specified in your Account for communicating with you, sending you notifications, messages and sms-messages, as well as for providing you with the functions of the Site with your consent, which can be expressed using functionality of the Site, unless otherwise provided by these Terms or applicable law.

5.6. Lesprom Network does not participate in the formation of the content of your Personal page and your uploading of Content, does not control your actions, does not exercise and does not have the technical ability to automatically censor information in the open sections of the Site, on your Personal page and in your Personal messages, and is not responsible for your action or inaction.

Lesprom Network does not carry out and does not have the technical ability to pre-moderate the information and Content posted by you, and is not responsible for its content.

5.7. Lesprom Network is not responsible for possible failures and interruptions in the operation of the Site and the loss of information caused by them. Lesprom Network is not responsible for any damage to your computer, mobile devices, any other equipment or software caused or associated with the use of the Site or sites accessible through hyperlinks posted on the Site.

5.8. Lesprom Network is not responsible for the guessing of a password for access to your Account by third parties and any actions performed by them using your Account.

5.9. Lesprom Network is not responsible for any damage, including lost profits, or damage caused in connection with the use of the Site, the Content posted on it or other materials to which you or other persons have access using the Site, even if Lesprom Network has warned or indicated the possibility of such damage or harm.

5.10. You are responsible for illegal actions carried out using your Account, as well as in connection with the posting of Content using your Account on the Site, on your Personal page and in comments, descriptions and other sections of the Site.

5.11. You are personally responsible for any Content or other information that you post on the Site or otherwise communicate to the public on or through the Site. You agree to independently resolve claims of third parties related to the unlawful posting of Content and information on the Site.

5.12. Hyperlinks to any site, product, service, any information of a commercial or non-commercial nature posted on the Site, sent in Personal messages by users, posted on Personal pages of users, etc. do not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of these products (services) by Lesprom Network. Lesprom Network is not liable for any damage caused to you as a result of using such hyperlinks.

5.13. Lesprom Network is not responsible for your possible illegal actions or third parties when using the Site.

5.14. Lesprom Network is not responsible for your statements published on the Site. Lesprom Network is not responsible for your behavior on the Site, disrespectful attitude towards other users.

5.15. Lesprom Network is not responsible for your loss of the ability to access your Account on the Site (loss of your login, password, other information necessary to use your Account, Personal page and any functions of the Site).

5.16. Lesprom Network is not responsible for incomplete, inaccurate, incorrect indication of your data by you when creating your Account and Personal Page.

5.17. Lesprom Network is not responsible for your lack of access to the Internet, for the quality of services of Internet communication providers with whom you have entered into agreements for the provision of Internet access services.

5.18. Lesprom Network is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage or loss of profits caused to you or other third parties as a result of:

5.18.1. use or inability to use the Site;

5.18.2. unauthorized access by any third parties to your personal information, including your Account and your Personal page;

5.18.3. statements or behavior of any third party on the Site;

5.18.4. deletion of the Account, Content or termination of the functioning of a certain element of the Site or the Site as a whole.

5.19. In all circumstances, Lesprom Network's liability to you is limited to USD 100 (hundred) and any loss of profits will not be reimbursed.

5.20. Lesprom Network is not obliged to provide you with any evidence, documents, etc., testifying to your violation of these Terms, as a result of which you were denied access to the Site or its individual functions, or such access was terminated and / or restricted.

5.21. Your claims sent to Lesprom Network are accepted and considered subject to the provision of your current and reliable data specified in the Account. Taking into account the possible existence of Accounts with similar credentials, Lesprom Network has the right to require the provision of additional information, including in relation to your Account, allowing to determine in connection with which Account the claim was made, or to establish the ownership of the Account by the person who filed the claim.

6. Additional provisions

6.1. These Terms are subject to change by Lesprom Network without any prior notice. Any changes to the Terms made by Lesprom Network unilaterally come into force on the day following the day of publication of such changes on the Site. You agree to independently check this page for changes. Failure to take action by you to familiarize yourself with the Terms and / or the amended version of the Terms cannot serve as a basis for your failure to fulfill your obligations and your failure to comply with the restrictions established by these Terms.

6.2. The invalidity of one or several provisions of the Terms, recognized in the prescribed manner by a court decision that has entered into force, does not entail the invalidity of the Terms as a whole.

6.3. These Terms are governed by Florida law, without giving effect to conflicts of law principles. You agree that, to the extent applicable and expressly subject to the dispute resolution provisions below, to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the state and federal courts located in the Northern District of Florida in circumstances where these Terms permit litigation in court.

7. Other Terms and Policies that may apply to you

7.1. Marketplace Subscription Terms. These terms apply if you subscribe and pay for a subscription to the Marketplace services.

7.2. Lesprom Analytics Subscription Terms. These terms apply if you use Lesprom Analytics' online services.

7.3. Price Review Subscription Terms. These terms apply if you use our monthly price reports.


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