Following an extensive investigation into Paulownia wood supply chains, FSC has taken initial action against a number of companies that were found to have traded non-certified Paulownia as FSC certified. These companies are subject to termination or suspension of their trademark licenses or further investigations.

Holmen's Board has taken the decision to construct the Blåbergsliden wind farm on its land outside Skellefteå in northern Sweden. The investment totals SEK 1.3 billion and comprises 26 wind turbines with a combined capacity of 143 MW.

Fortress Global Enterprises Inc. has failed to receive any indications of interest pursuant to its previously announced strategic and financing initiative by the required deadline under the financing agreement entered into among the company's wholly owned subsidiaries, Fortress Specialty Cellulose Inc. and Fortress Bioenergy Ltd., and their secured lenders or their affiliates.

Välinge Innovation held a grand opening ceremony of their support center at Homag China Golden Field in Kunshan. A natural result of the growth in the region has been to increase Välinge's local presence and support, to provide faster and more timely technical support and services to the Chinese and surrounding markets.

Honkarakenne has signed the strategic cooperation agreement together with the Dujiangyan Municipal People’s Government represented by the Vice Mayor Mr Yuan in Dujiangyan city. The aim of the strategic cooperation agreement is to proceed with the building of the Cultural Exchange Centre together with Dujiangyan’s sister city Ähtäri.

Continuing flat, as last month, US softwood lumber production volume for January - September 2019 was 26,616 mmfbm. Also like last month, softwood lumber production in Canada continued big drops since the beginning of this year, once more falling -11%, to 18,608 mmfbm, compared to the first nine months of 2018 when it was 20,889 mmfbm.

Swiss Krono Ukraine received a certificate E [D2020], issued by WKI Certification body (Brownschwaig, Germany). The certificate confirms compliance with the requirements of the Decree on the prohibition of Chemicals and the “Law on Chemical substances” (ChemVerbotsV), which comes into force in Germany from 01.01.2020 on the content of free formaldehyde.