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Laser introduces a new era in wood processing

May 23, 2017 – Laser-based wood processing line BLT WoodCut from BIATEC LASER TECHNOLOGY will premiere at Ligna 2017 trade fair /22. – 27. May in Hanover/

BIATEC LASER TECHNOLOGY introduces the new era in wood processing with its technology designed for optimal cuts in timber and other wood with up to 80 millimeters’ thickness using an ultimate laser cutting system that opens a whole new window of opportunity for production.

The main challenge wood processing companies face is pressure to maximize material yield and production value. Only a low percentage of the wood is ever utilized and too much is wasted, and with constantly rising raw material costs profit is negatively affected. Decisions sawmill workers usually make often causes errors and quality material to be lost.

BLT WoodCut was developed as a comprehensive production line to solve these long-existing problems by significantly increasing material yield, minimizing waste and maximizing profit from each board. Intended to cover more areas of production, this technology processes valuable temperate and tropical woods as well as softwood. Besides timber and other primary wood products, it can also be used with product groups such as parquet top layers, veneer and furniture components.

With its unique laser system which enables cutting of wood material in thickness up to 80 mm, it brings an innovative alternative to traditional saw-cutting. Complemented by an enhanced scanning and x-ray solution and fully automated robotic handling, high-tech manufacturing in wood sector becomes the new reality.

For further information, please contact:

Tomas Kurtansky
421 948 514208

BIATEC LASER TECHNOLOGY s.r.o., based in Bratislava, Slovakia, specializes in custom development of laser cutting machines and special laser solutions for wood processing, tooling industry, automotive, healthcare and other sectors.

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