Increase of system's availability

March 12, 2013 – The existing log yard for big diameter logs at ELKA-Holzwerke, Morbach has been delivered basically in 1981. Over the years several components were renewed. The latest measure was the installation of a 3D-measurement. For this the measuring line had to be modified to a continuous, calibratable chain conveyor. Furthermore HOLTEC updated the control and power electrics for the debarker, measuring line, cutting and sorting line.

It was the aim to increase the performance by min. 20% and to increase the system's availability to 98% based on the weekly working time. Furthermore the shape of the long logs should be measured totally so that the logs can be cut to length optimally. The common project of JÖRG Elektronik and HOLTEC could be finished at the beginning of the year. The performance increase has already been achieved in the initial stage.

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